Isabella Osborne is the lead singer of Ipecac. After joining the band in February of 2020, Isabella has become very close to everyone in the band. At 16 years old Isabella is also an author, actress, gymnast, video creator, and guitarist. She was born in Colorado and has loved music from the very first note. Isabella began her career in music at age 6 when she began taking guitar lessons. She continued up until middle school when she began learning on her own. Isabella also joined her school choir and began learning about vocal technique and singing. She has been in numerous musical performances, doing solos for myriad choir concerts and performing in talent shows ever since she could. 

Because of her experience in singing and acting, Isabella also has been in productions of “Annie” for Backstory Theatre and “Spamalot” for the Eagle Way Theatre Company. She loves all different types of music including musical theatre, pop, pop-rock, rock, country, and rap. Her inspirations include countless artists and are ever-changing as more music emerges in her life.  With a strong passion for writing, Isabella has given way to the lyrics for some of Ipecac’s new songs. While rock music and her bandmates carve their way deeper and deeper into Isabella’s heart and soul, she hopes Ipecac will play not just in Colorado, but anywhere they want to in the near future.